Callsign Registration Renewal

For Streaming/Internet Radio Stations

NOTE: This form is for streaming (digital) radio stations broadcasting via the Internet that are renewing a current callsign.

NEW RADIO STATIONS: Please click here to register your new Internet station.

PRICING: Two-year renewal term for a single digital station callsign is priced at US$24. Fees are discounted for renewal terms longer than two years. To convert pricing to your local currency, click here.

DELIVERY: Your Digital Radio Uniform ID (DRuID) callsign certificate will be mailed to you via standard USPS First Class Mail (in the US) or Global Air Mail (outside US). Expedited delivery is available at an additional charge.

PAYMENT METHODS: All major credit and debit cards are accepted. We also welcome payment via PayPal (including e-check option).

HAVE QUESTIONS? Please click here for the IRUC FAQ.

Please read all instructions carefully and double-check the spelling and accuracy of all information that you enter.

Please complete all fields:

Station Owner/Operator

Please enter the full, legal name of the person(s) or business entity that owns/operates the radio station:

NOTE: For example, if you are the sole proprietor of the station enter your name (i.e., JOHN SMITH). If the station is owned by a corporation or other business entity, enter the business name (i.e., SMITH BROADCASTING).

Studio Location

Please enter the primary city and state/province in which your station's main studio or office is located:

NOTE: Please enter ONLY the CITY and STATE/PROVINCE from which your station currently broadcasts.

Current Callsign

Please enter the current IRUC callsign in use by your station:


Registration Number

Please enter your station's original registration number:

NOTE: You will find your registration number at the bottom of your station's callsign certificate.

Station Website

Please enter the current URL (website address) or IP address at which your station's main audio stream can be accessed:

NOTE: For example, or, etc. If your station is not currently streaming, please enter the URL of your station's website.

Term of Renewal

Please select preferred term for station callsign registration:

2 Year IRUC Callsign Renewal Package US$24

6 Year IRUC Callsign Renewal Package US$54

10 Year IRUC Callsign Renewal Package US$80

NOTE: All renewal packages include updated documents reflecting your original registration date, along with the new expiration date of your registration term.

CURRENCY: Click here to convert US$ to your local currency.

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